Home (of this homepage)

In case you are interested in some artworks generated by a person that is commonly

…imagined to spend most of her time in a labcoat,

…dealing with (chemical) formulas and reactions,

…not caring about watching butterflies and the mesmerizing beauty of nature

…or creative chaos:

Don’t. Move. A. Muscle. Except for muscles vital for your bodyfunctions of course… you should definitely keep moving these muscles…

Because, first of all, you should really overthink your attitude towards natural science and other natural scientific research, and second of (approximately) all, (besides bothering you with my art) I want to help you doing exactly this by bothering you with my art! Isn’t that a great coincidence?

So in case you feel not completely neglected by the content above this line, I suggest you to have a glance at the different fripperies of this page, enjoy your journey!


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