Hello. I am fairly surprised that you are interested enough in this page to even consider clicking on the ”About” link. Isn’t this space usually filled with all kinds of information you don’t necessarily want to know if you are not already fully caught up in the content of the page?

Well then, I better start before you decide to leave again.
I am a (now third) year chemistry student at the Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany.

Despite having quite an old-fashioned if not just generally uncomfortable feeling to it for most of society, I loved chemistry since the moment it started to go on about molecules and all these funny little elements performing all kind of humanoid and less humanoid behaviour,
like starting friendships and having identity crises from time to time.

At the same time, another passion that -to me- has the same attitude, is drawing, sketching, and performing other artsy actions whose outcome is commonly reffered to as ”art” andĀ  that is being displayed on this page.

Because I think that chemistry and art are supposed to be experienced and understood on a similar level, I created this blog in case anybody feels the same or is just right now going crazy because of so not agreeing with what I state here and propose a mental challenge to them and me.

Well, I admit that that’s probably not entirely true.. I think I kind of try to cope with the tension that sometimes arises between these two subjects and want document the development of these contrasting passions over the years.

Thank you for your attention, cookies will be granted as soon as teleportation has been invented.. Let me know when it has been, I don’t want to get into the embarassing situation of missing it!


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