Hello. I am fairly surprised that you are interested enough in this page to even consider clicking on the ”About” link.

Well then, I better start, before you decide to leave again.
I am a graduate student at the University of Tokyo in… big surprise… Tokyo, Japan.

Looking at natural laws (disclaimer: They are still empirical) can be a wonderful thing, especially when optimizing conditions for extraordinarly fluffy pancakes… or exploring how the scales of an imaginary creature can potentially create electricity from friction to make itself all shiny and sparkly. Also, if your pancake or drawing has turned out a failure (which happens rather often), all these funny little chemical elements and bouncing laser-beams are a wonderful distraction, performing all kind of humanoid and less humanoid behaviour, like starting friendships and having identity crises from time to time.

Learning the scientific fundamentals of harmonic, dynamic networks (like laser cavities, physiology, chemical reactions…) gives clues about abstract concepts such as respect, communication, and -of course – puzzles everyone with the ridiculous existence of consciousness. It’s quite a jolly field to be involved in! (…Apart from the “nothing ever works smoothly” part and the lack of joint camping adventures with colleagues due to collective preoccupation)

Because I think that natural science and art can be profoundly synergistic (given an environment that knows something about diversity management), I created this blog in case anybody feels the same and to propose a mental challenge to them and me.

Such a blog is also a great way to maintain your (in)sanity.

Thank you for your attention, cookies will be granted as soon as teleportation has been invented.. Let me know when it has been, I don’t want to get into the embarassing situation of missing it!

Oh, and for the short version of all this, here is a Full CV: Full_CV_2018_Angelina_Frank_5


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