Look how the behavior of wave µ (denoted in black) with amplitude φ displays non-harmonic fluctuations when considering the irrational space between wave 1 (denoted as ω) and wave 2 (denoted as “apple jam”). The origin of these fluctuations has not entirely been understood yet. However, the arbitrarily modifiable value of variable x (expressing the inside of the portrayed ink jar) might hold important implications for identification of “san”- and “insan” functions within the boundary conditions of the “Ity“-spectrum valid for the integrated space of  ω to “apple jam”. Thus, values found in the “Ity” spectrum could potentially rationalize the observed non-harmonic behavior. For simplicity reasons, these functions will be abbreviated as “sanIty” and “insanIty” respectively in future discussions.

– That is what the pirate-head wearing fatbird in the picture replied to questions about whether he believes the buoyancy of the bottle to be sufficient to qualify it as  a medium for bottle-messaging.  He lost me at “implications” – the  “n” in that word really throws one of.

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