Finally, a project solely concerned with geometric shapes… Please create a facebook banner, an event banner, a poster, wristbands… maybe another poster? And a flying, fully automatic pancake machine with wasabi flavoured dough… Oh, and maybe a mascot?

…Well well, The mascot-part settled the “geometric shape” aspect of the request above.It was an audaciously fun project (not at last due to the mascot of Jacobs University being a blue rubber ducky…) and the first time to see stickers of a self-made motive. Right next to the “wasabi flavoured dough” the most surreal part of this project and an honouring experience!


Meet Jake, the Hackbot on several material and immaterial dimensions…

(c) Angelina Frank | Rights are event-bound, unless you aqcuired the skill of magnetism-based hovering… (demonstration needed prior to transference of the rights)