Plenty of things managed to happen over the recent months (for example: Fatbirds learned how to juggle – how could they learn how to juggle?). However, their attempts to master the mysterious craft of cooking was very well noticeable from a smell-point of view… they said it was meant as a surprise and decided it would be a great opportunity to test the principle of transdisciplinary serendipity.. one may guess who had the pleasure to try their “most unique” tomato-peanut-butter pizza… it was broadening-your-horizon-i-ish (except for the “accidentally added” banana..)


Acrobatic Serendipity – a goodbye present for the Mercator College Cafeteria Staff (DinA4 with fine liner)


A second side-effect of receiving a degree in science and letting Fatbirds know about it. Perhaps mentioning a visit at the Helmet Design Studio JMD in Salzigitter in the subsequent sentence was a very inconsiderate move.. or not or it was inconsiderate in a very beneficial way. In the end, they call it school of “Arts and Sciences”…


Greetings to the Helmet Design Team at JMD! (DinA4 and Pencil)


[c] 2016 Angelina Frank | The rights are elegantly levitating in circular movements, only interrupted by a certain bird throwi- waah, put away that carbonara sauce! Thank you. That was my eye.