Sooo (dramatically stretching the “o”), where to begin, here to begin after three months of not posting anything.. Fatbirds are always a good start I hope! Among other things, because they have some news to report: Below are the motives that are available as Shirts, on bags, on Hoodies, on cushions, on mugs, on… [insert everything that does not have to maintain a physiological system- and rocks, also no rocks: They wouldn’t want to talk to me about the offer I made]. The shop would be here:

The motives might be distantly familiar to a very few bunch of people, but now they are all digital and transparent..ilized (at least in print). Be greeted by them!

fatbird_purefatbird_profileBelow: An… adaption.. of a very popular series.. it could have been such a peaceful series… or would someone like to prefer sitting on iron rather than a squishy cake? ..Well, now that I come to think about it… sitting on Song of Icing and Fire

Hokay, here is the alternative: Sitting ooonn (again the stretched vocals to build suspense-thingy) a sheep! Yes, a sheep is definitely something that can be considered a comfortable sitting-thing! Fatbird_Knight_Full_Color

All the motives were dran in Illustrator- resulting in an “enriching” excercise of patience and persistence. There will be more to follow..

(c) Angelina Frank 2016