Sometimes you have ideas.. and they make total sense in your head… The argument goes in the following way: Marshmallows are nice, everyone likes marshmallows (except for vegans perhaps).. and sheeps, sheeps are also nice… everyone like sheeps (except for grass maybe. Grass might feel a bit threatened by sheeps). And Fatbirds, Fatbirds like many things. Candles included. And marshmallows and sheeps. And the combination of all of them in an useful manner. There you go!sheepsy

To the left: The drawing with pencils; to the right: The drawing with fineliner on a paper that was put on top of the pencil-drawing. Below: The drawing as a scan with further mischief being planned..sheeponly(c) Angelina Frank 2015 | For this one, I would like to explicitly keep the rights for once ,-)