Some people might insist that interpeting a planet to be a stone is a very far-fetched connection. The following arguments are intended to back up this line of argument:

  1. A planet is a heavy stone with some negligible additional features (such as not being a stone) created by the “exorbitant” vanity of the species “planet”.

If you still have a feeling of this being logically insufficient, please distract yourself from this through purchase of a bird house, bird food and subsequent installation of it in front your window. Winter is coming and this sounds like a very logical thing to do.Dancestonedempty2015 This is a poster done for a danceshow on campus (with the text being inserted later in this huge almost black area on the giant stone- ehh, planet).

Development of the picture took around 6-7 hours in Photoshop (and prior paper-pencil-sketch) with a Wacom Intuos 4 M  -investing more time appears very tempting, but laboratory-work was calling.

(c) Angelina Frank 2015 | Rights.. rights for what – a stone or a planet? Are you really searching for the rights for a stone?