There exist many drawings… watercolor, digital and pencil, but they are not presented here… however, summer is coming and so are the colors.

Instead of ALL the other drawings, your eyes might perceive one of them if they scroll down a bit. This watercolor-pencil-hybrid was done for an Art Contest with the topic ”When we were young” (The title of this post can therefore be considered to be highly creative..).  The advantage of learning about quantum mechanics (or attempting to do so) is, that gravity becomes a very jolly tool for adjustments of perspectives – imaginary realitvity is fabulously useful – at least in things such as paintings and drawings… which are generated by your imagination… or don’t they? Ah!

when we were young

(Around 8 hours and just for the record: There is a brush placed in this drawing, that might not be easy to be recognized as such, but it is a brush nevertheless.

(c) Angelina Frank 2015 | All rights.. well the photo is so dark, I can’t find them, but they are hidden somewhere (just as half of my pencils)