Before looking at the pixels beneath this sentence (damn it, now everything has to fit in one sentence… challenge accepted), listening to music you associate with 1-am-nightly-excursions in a region not too polluted with light is my suggestion for making it a representative of the very well known atmopshere present during 1-am-nightly-excursions that are, for sure, not the only  background associations one could have when looking at a picture with.. well.. a starry sky on it, since one could also eavesdrop a glance at the cake… held by a cat beneath the starry sky or refer to the fact that new-year’s eve is quite today connected to some rather colorful things catapulted into the sky (speaking of pollution). (Wuhu, it all fits into one sentence.. or does this sentence count as well…)


(This text does not count for the one-sentence-challenge anymore.. seriously.. ahh)

Some hours in photoshop

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