Why not end this long phase of feeling like ”this-work-is-not-fancy-enough-for-its-very-own-more-or-less-special-post” With- haha…just combining to artworks in one and let them fight out an outrageous battle of styles with each other and the very tolerant person who is doing me the favor to read this right now.. and this.. aaaaand.. thisthisthis- okay I will stop now.. … and this –hihi.logocompetitionThis first artwork was done for a T-shirt design-competition for the anniversary of a video-game TV-show – the show is quite a fancy one me thinks (it did not win anything) Based on a pencil-drawing and then painted in Photoshop over around eight hours..? mercatormovienightThis lower fellow is a design (also based on a pencil sketch- without reference) for movieposters to be inserted into this white area that some brave minds may dare to call ”empty space”. Also around a few hours together with the pencil-sketch.

Enjoy the rest of the day- maybe by learning something more about levitation? -Just a suggestion.

(c) Angelina Frank | ‘Ol ‘rraits reserved by a customer of the restaurant next to the server hosting this