Indeed, indeed it has been a while… but now that summer is coming with all it’s furbelows (well, and maybe the spring-break was a cofactor…but a very minor one though…ehehmm) it is time for another post!

This one is made for an art contest with the topic ”New World” and what is the most obvious thing¬† (if not the only thing to do) to with such a motto…?

Right! Throwing everything you like and some other mental excursions onto the poor DinA3 paper and disguise it as part of some superduper intellectual methaphorical meaning! I love art contests…


newworlddetail2DSC_0941 newworddetail1DSC_0940

(c) Angelina Frank 2014 | All rights… they are reserved

Made with pencil and under investment of around 15 hours?