The newest drawing. As a left-handed human, it was unbelievably smart to start with the details of the left foreground…

The drawing took about 5-6 hours (That’s a rare number..s) and without reference. The lection learned (except for the left-handed foreground thingy – It’s impossible learn that): Less detail in some areas doesn’t mean less time spent with them, only less interest in spending time with them. Have fun!

DSC_0691 Detail 1 – looks like the owner of the house gets bored from time to time when coincidentially holding a wood-carving device.. oh, and with a fable for horses and ornaments!DSC_0692 Detail 2 – There must be a place somewhere in this universe with stones being structured like they are in this drawing… maybe the deep sea?DSC_0693 (c) Angelina Frank 2014 | Ool rights reserved