The following paint- I mean sketches may stretch the definition of that word a little… Nevertheless, since they took no longer than an hour, I feel audacious enough to call it a sketch… how evil, hehe.

Berg - KopieI think this one is still a remnant of 2012 and started out with the following idea: (Hmm, wait – there was no idea behind this one, embarassing)schwarzbehschStill trying to generate landscapes and this one is another attempt, also at least one year old, but picking values totally random didn’t turn out as twisted as it did in another ”sketch”… that is too embarassing to be displayed in this blog. Even the authenticity-argument would not reason that one, yet.

Okamirosa_bakAnother attempt at painting clouds.. Purple clouds. Everybody needs to paint purple clouds at some point before coming to the conclusion, that colors are wicked. My eyes were not able to perceive colors for at least two days.

I learned from it: If you try to paint clouds, always ask for their permission to use a reference. Otherwise, they’ll spontaneously decide to mess up your brain with their semi-existent shilouette. Journey 'Mensch'1Inspired by a very particular game… neuer Adler Fail Playing with brushes 1.0schädel fertig1…playing with brushes AND landscapes Nr.1.I hate counting