DSC_0682Life goal: Drawing a lion head made of stone – check. Creating a stone arch that doesn’t look to much like 2D Origami – check. Now, I’ll eat something.DSC_0681 Veeery first attempt at using charcoal and expensive paper.That puts a lot of pressure on your hand when sketching, But its just tooo much fun! About 1-2 hours and at first, I thought it would become a complete failure… but when you continue to work on something thinking there is nothing to lose, it has the potential to become surprisingly decent. Murphy’s Law?

DSC_0679This one is supposed to show some tearing-apartyish atmosphere (I don’t think that is an officially existing word…). Turn it around in a 90 degrees angle and it shows a sketchy landsc… phew, I nearly spoilered..

DinA 5, no reference and actually not made with charcoal but pencil, I must admit. But I don’t want to bother your mailbox with too many messages of new posts, if they are not particularly worth it and since this one was created during the same time-period the other ones were, you know.

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